Hon. Arlene Dunn

MLA for Saint John Harbour

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
Minister responsible for Immigration
MLA, Saint John Harbour

I’ve spent over 30 years representing both workers and employers in the skilled trades throughout Canada and educating people about the value these jobs bring to the community.

I’ve always been an advocate for diversity and inclusion and used my national voice in Ottawa to promote the well-being and prosperity of indigenous populations, women, youth, persons with disabilities, racialized groups and those who are often marginalized by society. I believe we need to build bigger tables and ensure all have a seat at that table.

My skills around diversity, inclusion, negotiation, legislative policy, training for the jobs of tomorrow, bringing jobs to our communities, and my work around substance dependency and mental health, and providing affordable housing will be the key factors that will make Saint John Habour thrive. I’m all about building up communities from within.