Why did Gallant get a redo of his one-on-one CBC interview?

FREDERICTON- Progressive Conservative Rothesay candidate Ted Flemming is questioning why and how Brian Gallant was allowed a “redo” of his one-on-one interview on CBC English.

Gallant recorded at least two interviews with CBC host Harry Forrestell on Friday in which he stumbled through the numbers regarding his promise to raise taxes to the highest level in North America and indeed higher than Quebec.

Flemming is questioning exactly when and why the decision was made to allow Gallant to do one interview in Moncton and another in Fredericton five hours later. “In the interest of transparency and journalistic integrity, I think it’s fair to expect an explanation from the CBC and from Brian Gallant’s campaign team,” said Flemming.

“Was his campaign team worried that Brian Gallant would become the next Stéphane Dion after he flubbed his interview, or was there something else at play? Taxes are an important issue in this campaign and we have to ask some serious questions about what has taken place here.”

Flemming, a businessman and attorney, said confusion arose around Gallant’s promise to raise taxes to earn revenues to pay for part of his $2.8 billion electoral platform. He said it appears the interview broke down when Gallant began citing numbers that were simply untrue.

In Gallant’s “redo” interview Forrestell refers to the initial interview that was conducted five hours earlier.

Flemming said a detailed explanation should be released of what was discussed between CBC and Gallant’s campaign team during that five hour window between the original interview and the “redo” interview.

He added that Gallant’s campaign team should release all correspondence it engaged in with the CBC during the five hour window between his initial interview and his “redo” interview.

Two different interviews have been posted to CBC.ca/nb. In one interview Gallant blames his trouble with the tax numbers on a member of his staff who was up working at the office until 4 am. In the other interview there is no mention of the staff member working until 4 am.

The videos are available at: