Where is Premier Gallant on LNG Assessment ?


3 March 2017

Where is Premier Gallant on LNG Assessment ?

Fredericton-PC Opposition leader Blaine Higgs says Premier Brian Gallant needs to face the people on the Canaport LNG assessment issue. “Here we go again. The headline ‘Brian Gallant announces Canaport LNG tax deal will be repealed’ had the Premier’s smiling face all over the news. Now there is a controversy and the Premier is nowhere to be found. This is another example of Brian Gallant looking for headlines.  It was clear the reassessment that he initiated would drop the property price due to the low price of gas and the Liberal moratorium. Now we learn that the Gallant government selected an assessment firm that specializes in reducing corporate tax bills.”

The Opposition leader scrummed with media at noon Thursday and said the visibility of the process was very poor coming from a Premier who talks about being open and transparent adding that without that visibility questions naturally would be raised about something being hidden.

“We are hearing from people across the provinces who are justifiably outraged as more details emerge. This process must be made open and public”

Higgs also pointed to the fact that if New Brunswick had gone forward with a domestic gas industry the discussion would not be about a devalued LNG import property, but a property that would have been worth much more as part of a 2 billion dollar project to turn Canaport into an export terminal.

The PC leader stated that if he had the honour of serving as Premier he would focus on a fair and equitable taxation plan where every corporation, including Irving Oil, pays their fair share.



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