Premier David Alward says Yes to jobs and bringing New Brunswickers home

PENOBSQUIS- Premier David Alward returned to the shale gas wells where his campaign started today to drive home his message on jobs and opportunity for New Brunswick’s future.

Alward has focused his campaign on safe development of shale gas and natural resource projects that will spur $10 billion in private sector investments and create jobs in every sector and every region of New Brunswick.

“The choice is clear. New Brunswick is on the verge of seizing the opportunities ahead, and the Progressive Conservative team is the only party with a plan to bring our people home and create opportunities for future,” said Alward.

“Together we have the skills, knowledge, and drive to say ‘yes’ to jobs and becoming a ‘have’ province where families can stay in their communities and choose a better future in New Brunswick.”

Alward said the choice to say yes or no to jobs and natural safe resource development is clear.

“The choice is clear. This election means so much because we can’t go on breaking up our families and communities while our people leave for work in western Canada,” said Alward.

“Our plan is based on hope and confidence. A plan that believes in New Brunswickers and their abilities.”

Alward spelled out the $10 billion in private sector investments that will drive job creation every sector and region of the province:

  • Shale Gas Development        $2.2 billion
  • Energy East Terminal                       $400 million
  • LNG Export Terminal                        $3.0 billion
  • Sisson Brook Mine                 $579 million
  • Energy East Pipeline                        $2.41 billion
  • Trevali Mining                                   $125 million
  • New Brunswick Forestry Plan         $600 million
  • Wild Blueberry Industry      $184 million
  • Minco Manganese Mine       $863 million

“Together we are saying yes to a brighter future where our families can find jobs and opportunities in their communities,” said Alward.