Premier David Alward is saying Yes to strengthening private woodlots

EDMUNDSTON- Premier David Alward said Yes today to new investments in New Brunswick’s private woodlots.

Alward highlighted how the Progressive Conservative forestry growth plan will deliver a 50 per cent increase in government investments in private woodlots.

The forestry growth plan will see government invest an additional three million dollars in private woodlots, raising annual investments to $9 million.

“New Brunswick jobs, our economy and our communities were built on the strength of our forestry sector. Our plan will ensure the future of forestry in New Brunswick is as strong as its past,” said Alward.

“We will work with woodlot owners and forest product marketing boards to determine how these investments can fund tax incentives, increased silviculture, and productivity improvements that will help move wood products to market.”

The Progressive Conservative team is the only party with a plan for $10 billion in private sector investments in New Brunswick jobs and communities through safe shale gas and natural resource development.

Alward noted that the forestry growth plan will raise $600 million in private sector investments that will create and preserve jobs.

“Our forestry growth plan will help put more boots in the woods and in our mills and ensure we will sustain good jobs, strong communities, and healthy forests,” said Alward.

“Our plan will bring our people home.”