Premier David Alward is saying Yes to shale gas, LNG and Energy East

SAINT JOHN- Overlooking a future LNG export terminal, Premier David Alward highlighted the Progressive Conservative plan to generate thousands of permanent jobs each year through safe shale gas and natural resource development.

The Progressive Conservative team is the only party with a plan to spur $10 billion in private sector investments in shale gas and natural resource development projects that will create jobs in every sector and every region of New Brunswick.

“Standing here in the Renaissance City we can easily envision the jobs and opportunity New Brunswickers are on the verge of seizing as we say Yes to safely developing our shale gas and natural resources,” said Alward.

“Together we have the skills, knowledge, and drive to bring our people home and become a ‘have’ province where families can stay in their communities and choose a better future in New Brunswick.”

The $10 billion plan will generate jobs in every sector of the economy including ICT, research and development, construction, engineering, transportation, logistics, industrial manufacturing, retail, financial and legal services, and real estate.

Alward pointed to a future LNG export terminal that would carry New Brunswick shale gas to markets around the world including Europe and Asia.

He said Brian Gallant’s moratorium on shale gas development would prevent job creation in industries beyond shale gas, including plans for a liquefied natural gas export terminal.

Alward said Gallant’s opposition to hydraulic fracturing is also hypocritical to his claims he supports the Energy East pipeline because 85 per cent of oil and gas wells in Canada employ hydraulic fracturing.

“Shale gas is natural gas. You can’t say you support an export terminal for shale gas when you don’t support the development of a domestic shale gas industry. You can’t support shale gas when you don’t support hydraulic fracturing.  And you can’t say you support the pipeline when you don’t support the oil in the pipe,” he said.

In a letter written to provincial political party leaders the president of Corridor Resources, a company which has fracked 30 shale gas wells in Kings County, wrote that hydraulic fracturing is the only option for exploiting shale gas in New Brunswick.

Philip Knoll wrote New Brunswick’s “natural gas is mainly located in either tight sandstone or shale (both hard surfaces). There is no other method to release the natural gas from tight sandstone or shale other than through fracturing the rock. That is the reality.”

Corridor Resources has invested over $500 million in New Brunswick since 1995, added Knoll.

Alward said the Progressive Conservative team is the only party with a plan to build a modern, resource-driven economy like Canada’s other “have” provinces in Western Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Saying Yes to shale gas creates jobs. Saying Yes to Energy East pipeline creates jobs. Saying Yes to LNG creates jobs. Saying Yes to strong mining and forestry sectors creates jobs. Moratoriums and tax hikes create no jobs,” said Alward.

“We have a real plan to generate permanent jobs in every sector and every region of New Brunswick with private sector investments.”