Premier David Alward is saying Yes to jobs in the trades

MACTAQUAC- Premier David Alward spoke today about his plan for saying Yes to jobs and opportunities for New Brunswick trades-people here at home.

Alward was speaking at the 2014 conference of the New Brunswick Building and Construction Trades Council in Mactaquac.

The Progressive Conservative team is the only party with a plan to spur $10 billion in private sector investments in safe shale gas and natural resource development projects that will create thousands of permanent jobs each year in every sector and region of New Brunswick.

“Together we have the skills, knowledge, and drive to say ‘yes’ to jobs, bringing our people home and becoming a ‘have’ province where families can stay in their communities and choose a better future in New Brunswick,” said Alward.

“Today New Brunswick skilled workers are a driving force behind many of the natural resource development projects that are fueling Canada’s economic leadership in Western Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador. Now is the time to provide our people with the opportunities to ply their trades here in their communities and near their families.”

Alward said New Brunswick is on the verge of seizing the opportunities ahead in shale gas and natural resource development. He noted the importance of the choice that will be made on election day between more private sector growth or government spending.

The Progressive Conservative team of candidates is the only party saying Yes to safe shale gas and natural resource development projects, said Alward, noting that a moratorium on development will waste the opportunities ahead.

As part of the Progressive Conservative plan for jobs Alward has announced an Oil, Gas, and Mining Skills Training Centre.

“The Oil, Gas, and Mining Skills Training Centre will train our workers for guaranteed jobs here at home in the same industries New Brunswickers are building today in Western Canada and around the world,” said Alward.

Alward also committed to a continued focus on the harmonization of apprenticeship training across Canada. Apprenticeship has been a strong focus of the Alward government over the past four years.

Last month Alward signed an agreement with British Columbia Premier Christy Clarke to allow apprentices to seamlessly train in their trade and work in either province.

Alward also introduced and expanded the New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program with a million dollar budget over three years to provide high school students with early training and employment in the skilled trades.

The Progressive Conservative plan has also committed to making online training and skills development accessible to all New Brunswickers, noted Alward.

“Skills training and apprenticeship are cornerstones of our $10 billion plan to safely develop shale gas and natural resources through private sector investments,” said Alward.

“Our people are our greatest resource, and the Progressive Conservative plan is focused on creating jobs and opportunities for New Brunswickers to work in the jobs they choose here at home.”