PC Opposition MLA’s say DTI minister not being truthful increases anger over job losses


11 April 2017

 PC Opposition MLA’s say DTI minister not being truthful increases anger over job losses

 Fredericton-Three Progressive Conservative MLAs question the truth of remarks made by transportation Minister Bill Fraser in a recent newspaper article regarding the government’s decision to bring in salt from outside the province. The three, Sussex Fundy St. Martins MLA Bruce Northrup, Hampton MLA Gary Crossman and Kings Centre MLA Bill Oliver say the government’s decision will cost 100 people their jobs in their southern NB ridings.

Bill Oliver says losing 100 jobs will cause more harm to an already fragile regional economy. “This decision not only affects Sussex but like the mine closure, reaches neighbouring communities as well. This was another poor choice by the Gallant government.”

Sussex Fundy St Martin’s MLA Bruce Northrup questioned Fraser’s claim that salt was not being mined in the province any more as one reason to go outside New Brunswick to source road salt.

“The official word from PotashCorp is that they have not decided yet whether they will mine salt. The Minister is not telling the truth.”

Hampton MLA Gary Crossman says he has been speaking with business people impacted by the decision and they have lots of questions” Among the questions I am hearing are: Was the present provider given extra points on its bid?  Is this going to ultimately cost taxpayers more when you factor in lost royalties, income taxes and other taxes from local activity? Why is Minister Fraser saying it is a great thing that his government is moving jobs to Quebec and Nova Scotia when we have a modern salt mine in the Sussex area which has provided the road salt for New Brunswick for the last 20 + years?”

The Gallant government adjourned the legislature on March 31st in the midst of the property tax scandal. The legislature is not scheduled to resume until April 25th. The MLA’s say they will question the Gallant government on their decision to move jobs out of the province with the salt contract.


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