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New Brunswick prescription drug program formulary
The New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program (NBPDP) provides prescription drug coverage to eligible New Brunswick residents. The NBPDP Formulary is a list of the drugs which are eligible benefits under the Program. (more)

The provincial health plan 2013-2018
The provincial health plan provides New Brunswick’s health partners and stakeholders with a blueprint for the delivery of health services. It is used to manage existing health-care services and resources, develop new programs and policies, and make financial decisions. Rebuilding Health Care Together: The Provincial Health Plan 2013-2018 is a made-in-New Brunswick guide to a sustainable health-care system. (more)

Primary health care framework
The Government of New Brunswick is committed to renewing and strengthening primary health care. Primary health care is usually the first place people go when they have health concerns. Primary health care is the part of the health-care system that people use the most and includes routine care, care for acute and complex health problems, mental health care, maternity and child care, psychosocial services, home care, health promotion and disease prevention, nutrition counseling, periodic health exams (i.e. PAP tests), managing chronic illness, serious acute illness and end-of-life care. (more)

Chronic disease prevention and management framework for New Brunswick
The Expanded Chronic Care Model provides a framework for chronic disease prevention and management as a guide to health-care system transformation. This model identifies the key elements that, working together, create the social environment for how health care is delivered. The health-care system is described within the context of how the community plays a defining role in how health services are delivered. (more)

Comprehensive diabetes strategy for New Brunswickers 2011-2015
Conservative estimates using Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) data indicate that, incrementally, physician visits and hospital utilization by persons with diabetes are responsible for about $283 million in costs annually. Diabetes creates a significant economic burden on the healthcare system, the economy, individuals and families. The predicted increase in the number of young people with diabetes will result in even greater costs. (more)

Action plan for mental health in New Brunswick 2011-2018
This plan establishes a vision of New Brunswick’s desired mental-health-care system, followed by strategic goals and a specific action plan to achieve these goals. They include an emphasis on mental-health promotion, change in service delivery of all sectors, early identification of mental illness and effective intervention, and a shift in the attitudes and values of residents. (more)

Economic development action plan 2012-2016
This is a blueprint for building on our successes; turning challenges into opportunities for growth; increasing our exports; targeting the promising sectors that will lead our economy; and tapping into the immense human potential of New Brunswickers. (more)

Growing global markets
Trade plays an important role in the New Brunswick economy and is one cornerstone of the province’s comprehensive plan to promote greater prosperity in the province. Growing Together – An Economic Development Action Plan for New Brunswick also recognizes that future prosperity must be based in the strength of the province and its people. (more)

The New Brunswick energy blueprint
Energy touches every aspect of our lives, and in ways that we largely take for granted. All activities, however small or large, involve the conversion of energy from one form to another. The Energy Action Plan section of the Energy Blueprint takes the 67 recommendations of the Energy Commission and integrates them into a comprehensive list of 20 government actions for the energy sector for the next three years. (more)

The New Brunswick oil and natural gas blueprint
The New Brunswick Oil and Natural Gas Blueprint charts out a path towards pursuing the opportunity that may allow our province to play a role in the emergence of a new energy balance. It provides a framework and process that uses rational, science-based information and dialogue with citizens and industry to support informed government decisions about the safe and responsible future development of our resources. (more)

Action plan for a new local governance system in New Brunswick
It has been nearly half a century since the last major changes to local governance were made. Since then, local governance has become more complex and costly, as the needs and expectations of New Brunswickers have also changed. By undertaking improvements in support of service delivery and community governance structures, Municipalities, Rural Communities, and Local Service Districts (LSDs) will have the tools to better sustain communities and regions over the long-term. (more)

Budget 2014-2015
New Brunswick is emerging from an extended period where global economic uncertainty has created challenges for our province. These challenges have required us to make tough choices and we have no doubt there are tough choices left to come. Today we stand at a crossroads in our province’s history. Do we take the path of less resistance and indecision? Or do we continue with our plan that leads towards economic prosperity and balanced budgets? (more)

New Brunswick’s wellness strategy action plan 2013-2014
The 2013-2014 Action Plan reflects Year 5 activities, acknowledging that some actions are a continuation of initiatives already underway and others will continue beyond 2013-2014. Consideration has been given to government / partner priorities and budgetary constraints. (more)

Living Healthy, Aging Well – A report by the Premier’s panel on seniors
The recommendations that follow are a blueprint for the Government of New Brunswick to develop a comprehensive vision and associated policies for older adults in our province. It is a framework to enhance and continue public discussion around community development, public policy and programming across all generations. (more)

New Brunswick’s labour force and skills development strategy 2013-2016
Planning for today’s and tomorrow’s needs is at the heart of New Brunswick’s Labour Force and Skills Development Strategy. We must maximize the skill sets and ensure full participation in the labour market for all who are able to play an even greater part in New Brunswick’s economic development. (more)

2013 Speech from the Throne
This throne speech highlights the initiatives that your government will put forth in the next year as part of its plan to strengthen our economy, invest in our families and communities and manage today for our province’s future. (more)

2014 State of the Province address
Premier David Alward’s state of the province address sent a strong message to New Brunswick business people and workers about the government’s plan to create jobs in the oil and natural gas, forestry, and knowledge sectors. (more)

Disability action plan status update
The objectives of the Disability Action Plan are to ensure that persons with a disability have equitable access to needed services; to promote the awareness and enforcement of basic human rights for persons with a disability in a timely and cost effective manner; and to ensure that service providers are held accountable for the quality assurance and fair delivery of programs and services available to persons with a disability. (more)


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