Opposition leader says many questions remain for Gallant on Arseneault Affair

Fredericton-PC Opposition Leader Blaine Higgs says Premier Brian Gallant will face many questions this week regarding his conduct, timelines and discrepancies related to the latest scandal to hit his government.

“If we have learned anything from this Premier, we have learned that the first story he tells is often not a true story and is never the full story.  If we believe that August 21st was the first time the Premier learned about Liberal Minister Donald Arseneault negotiating for a job, then we know it took the Premier 73 days to act.”

Higgs added that news releases by the department of Post-Secondary Training and Labour after August 22nd did not acknowledge any change in Ministerial duties and that social media posts by Donald Arseneault continued to identify him as the Labour minister as well.

The Opposition Leader went on to say that the description of a ‘perceived’ conflict of interest may stop short of reality.

“This entire affair needs to be viewed under the lens of the federal Conflict of Interest Act which can be found on the Government of Canada’s Justice Laws website.”