Gallant’s grasp of oil and gas jobs hypocritical and irresponsible: Leonard

FREDERICTON- Brian Gallant doesn’t understand the oil and gas business if he believes a moratorium on shale gas will convince Alberta oil firms to create jobs in New Brunswick, said Fredericton South candidate and Energy Minister Craig Leonard.

“Brian Gallant’s claims that he will attract Alberta oil jobs to New Brunswick while banning shale gas development ranges between out of touch with reality and hypocritical on the scale of recklessness,” said Leonard, responding to Gallant’s announcement in Saint John today.

“The bottom line is it won’t work, and Brian Gallant has zero credibility and no plan to create jobs in Canada’s modern, oil and gas driven economy.”

Leonard said that with 85 per cent oil and gas wells in Canada fracked, Brian Gallant’s anti-development stand is not likely to attract Alberta oil firms to New Brunswick.

“Companies in Alberta have received the message clearly. Gallant says no and only David Alward says yes to oil and gas investment in New Brunswick,” said Leonard.

Leonard said what’s most confusing is that without warning Gallant has flip flopped and decided to suddenly support the main plank of Premier David Alward’s job creation plan.

“Brian Gallant’s scheme to stake New Brunswick’s job creation future on paving contracts is clearly not something people believe will build a stronger economy in New Brunswick so I’m not surprised he is abandoning it and trying to hop on the bandwagon,” said Leonard.

“If spending billions on paving worked we would know it by now because that is exactly what Shawn Graham tried and we know the results. The largest capital budget in New Brunswick’s history resulted in a net loss of more than 5,000 jobs in 2010, and we are still paying the bill.”

Leonard said he doesn’t think it is a stretch to say Brian Gallant is speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

“ Brian Gallant is saying Saint John can have Energy East Pipeline oil jobs, but he doesn’t want Moncton and Miramichi and the rest of the province to benefit from shale gas jobs. His hypocrisy is unprecedented.”