Brian Macdonald / Fredericton West-Hanwell

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Brian Macdonald has an extensive background in military and politics.

After completing the Foundation program at the University of King’s College, he enrolled in the Canadian forces. He went on to study politics and history at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston. He continued on to graduate studies in England at The London School of Economics where, as a Mackenzie King Travelling Scholar, he earned his Masters Degree in politics.

He was part of a small team that developed the Canada First Defence Strategy. For his work to replace Canada’s armoured vehicle fleet, Mr. Macdonald was recently awarded a CLS Commendation.

A member of the Royal Canadian Regiment and the Branch 4 Legion, Mr. Macdonald served in Petawawa, Gagetown and overseas; he twice commanded troops in Bosnia. He worked on the Currency Exchange Project in support of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, and he helped coordinate international support to the drug control strategy with the Afghan Government.

Most recently, he served as senior policy advisor for Defence Minister Peter MacKay and was named in Embassy Magazine as one of the Top 60 Influencing Canadian Foreign Policy.

He has been active in various community organizations and charities, and was particularly involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s youth citizenship awards program.

He was elected to represent Fredericton-Silverwood in the September 27, 2010 provincial election. He is a member of the Legislative Administration Committee and the Standing Committee on Legislative Officers.
He is the Government Whip.

He was named Legislative Secretary to the Premier, responsible for intergovernmental affairs and military affairs November 5, 2010.


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