Blaine Higgs welcomes Dominic Cardy to Progressive Conservative party

January 27, 2017

Blaine Higgs welcomes Dominic Cardy to Progressive Conservative party

Fredericton – Today Blaine Higgs welcomed Dominic Cardy, former leader of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party, to the Progressive Conservative party. Mr .Cardy will begin work as the Official Opposition’s Strategic Issues Director, starting Monday.

Speaking at a press conference Higgs said, “When I ran for PC leader my message was simple: Province first politics second. I promised to open my party to every New Brunswicker ready to help get this province back on track”.

“Dominic and I have always agreed parties are not as important as ideas. Labels can get in the way of doing the right thing. This is the first step in building a coalition of concerned citizens for New Brunswick, reaching beyond traditional party lines.”

Mr. Cardy said, “We worked together as opponents. Blaine supported NDP-drafted legislation that reduced patronage and we worked together to increase financial accountability – laws sadly repealed by the Gallant government. Blaine ran a leadership campaign promising nothing but good government. Mr. Higgs has never wavered in his commitment to make New Brunswick better, even when that commitment made waves within his own party.

Cardy said, “Now I’m looking forward to working with Blaine to make New Brunswick’s education system the best in the world, provide better service delivery province wide, and lower taxes while at the same getting our fiscal house in order. I am very optimistic, that an open and progressive PC government can get New Brunswick moving. In a time of division those of us committed to evidence-based democracy need to come together to build a better province. I’m not changing my principles to stand here today. It is because of my principles that I’m standing here today.”

Mr. Cardy will work in the Office of the Official Opposition as Strategic Issues Director. He will work closely with Blaine Higgs and his team to build a far-reaching coalition of New Brunswickers who share the goal of reforming government.